I’m not playing

The problem I want to have: my midgets like to play cards and always want me to play with them. I never let them win on purpose. Every win they achieve is genuine, and they win often. Our main games are Crazy Eights and Euchre, both of which are family traditions. I remember playing hours of Euchre with my sister, when we were still young enough to need a sitter.

Previous to being old enough to play Euchre at family gatherings where 6-handed was the norm, we kids would wander around the perimeter of the table, looking at each of the player’s hands. We were not supposed to reveal, though facial expression, which hands we thought were good and which players were pooched. We usually failed and were booted from the room in quick fashion.

I’m terrible at the finger game called Chopsticks. Terrible. My midgets are great at it, because they have 100s of hours of practise at it. They let me win sometimes, because they think that will encourage me to play more often. They’re probably right about that.

It’s interesting that many parents don’t play with their kids after a certain age, citing being tired or having more important things to do. I have been guilty of doing that too, but I try to resist that urge. Soon enough my kids won’t want to play anymore.


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