Get off your butt and go to work!

This post is singing my song. I take issue with the comment though, the holier-than-thou people who think society has created ‘lazy brats.’ I’m paraphrasing. I had no idea so many WWII war vets were still alive and commenting on the internet. You’d think from these comments that the current adult generation in their 20s and 30s are the first ones to be ‘pampered’ and accused of being ‘spoiled!’ Every generation thinks they have it rough. These days, getting a bachelor degree is the bare minimum to get any kind of decent/boring job. There are so many innovations, technological, social, cultural, that it’s difficult for anyone to stand out these days.

I like the post, and hate the comments.

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

It’s not FAIR Kenneth, I shouldn’t have to work at a boring job, I should be able to do something  that I enjoy” she said.

~ I was talking to a twenty-five year old young woman last week who complained to me about the perceived “injustice” of having to work a job she didn’t love. She believed that she has the “right” to work at a job she enjoys. Unfortunately, the various people I meet like this young woman (both men and women) tend to live off of their parents, many of them still live in their parent’s basement well into their thirties.

The reality of life is that most jobs aren’t that much fun. Digging ditches, working at a water sewage treatment facility, working for a garbage company, working in janitorial service, the list is virtually endless of dirty, smelly, nasty, and boring jobs.

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