Using my Powers for Good

This morning I wrote a quick user guide for husband’s point of sale software at his store. Boy midget will be using these instructions because he’s working at the store this week. He and girl midget will share the job, each making $5 an hour for their efforts.  Thanks to me, boy midget can now answer the store phone intelligently, create a work order, check on work order status, and process payments. They won’t be working full days, but enough to occupy their time and force them to put on clean clothes and brush their teeth while on March break.

I finished another bunch of Barbie clothes, and will get some photos done this week. This will be girl midget’s job, because she offered to do it and I need her help. Now that my midgets no longer require daycare, I like to keep them busy in other ways when they are off school. Also, now that they no longer require constant supervision, their help is actually contributing to our family in a positive way, instead of just taking. As my energy wanes, theirs waxes. As the blossom of youth slowly and surely wears off my face, I watch it unfurl on theirs. Speaking of youth wearing away, Ellie is getting old. This morning I walked her 3 km and there was very little energy left in her body by the time we returned home. I get a great feeling from seeing her tired though, knowing I have done one of my jobs today. Pickle didn’t even peak her head out of the blanket when Ellie and I headed out, and that’s not because Pickle is old; it’s because she’s allergic to snow, ice, and temperatures less than 10C.

More good news around here – the ice boulders are receding and our basement is dry.



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