HFS I love that HBO show, Girls. This week’s episode featured the aftermath of Hannah, the main character (played by Lena Dunham who also writes and directs the show) talking to her recently self-proclaimed gay father for brunch. Her father and mother have been married for about 30 years and for the moment are staying together while they figure out this new situation.

During the brunch, her father sympathizes with Hannah, telling her he knows this information must be difficult for a child to hear about a parent. Hannah replies indignantly that she isn’t a child. This conversation goes on for a few lines, and then Dad pulls out the trump card that will show Hannah how much of a child she still is: He asks her if she brought her wallet. When she says Yes, he asks to see it. She demurs, saying she doesn’t need to show it to him.

Eventually, she says just came from the gym (didn’t bring wallet).


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