Happiness is My Writer’s Block

It’s easy to complain and find fault; not so easy to express intellectually stimulating joy 🙂

The Fickle Heartbeat


A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.


Words would once spill out of me like an overdose of caffeine from a broken coffee machine. They would pour out from my heart with such overworked sadness that my soul broke trying to hold it in its cup. It was always full – so, so full.

But now my caffeine addiction has subsided and I am not thirsty for more. I am content. I am free. I am energized from simply peace. And now this is a problem for me.

Heartbreak was my biggest muse, but now I no longer have you. I no longer need you. So the words have run dry because I have nothing more to say about what once was the only thing that mattered.

So, you see. Happiness is my writer’s block. I was fueled to inspire the broken and the helpless that were crawling for…

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