Hey There, Lonely Girl

Husband works very long hours and has done for years, getting his business off the ground and making it a success. I’ve been genuinely supportive of his efforts and very rarely complain about this. I know it’s for a good cause and he loves what he does for a living. His happiness colours his relationships and outlook. However, In practical terms this means I am alone a lot. I take care of the house inside and out. My kids are my kids and not his, so him not being around shouldn’t be a problem, except when it is. Having a loving union is very important to me as an adult and as a parent.

When is it going to be my turn? Right now I’m a stereotypical quiet strong woman behind a successful man. I’m just as smart as he is, and just as ambitious. I’m delighted by his success; his accomplishments are mine too. Is there room for 2 people in a marriage to achieve success? I’m an ordinary person who doesn’t want fame and is not willing to work 18-hour days to achieve whatever I’ve decided is my goal, because I’m not willing to sacrifice time with my midgets, husband, dogs, beach, home, and tranquility. I’m not that kind of ambitious.

I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to taking financial risks. I’ve made mistakes before and I’m determined not to do that again and so my cautious nature wins out most of the time. And yet, I’d like the chance to find a work situation that I love. Luckily, husband is supportive of me and soon it will be my time to challenge my norm. Soon.



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