I’m a wordsmith who finds herself without many words to smith lately. For venting purposes, pondering, and keeping in touch, I created this blog. This blog is mostly about me and my relationships. There is no guide to tell me what info is the most important. WYSIWYG.

I fight off depression every day through the use of anti-depressant drugs and will power. I was laid off from my cube job in 2015, and since then I keep myself busy and productive in various ways.

Travel is my passion and I have traveled with my family to many far off places. That period of time is slowly fading though, as the midgets all get older and have schedules/jobs/lives of their own. I’m an AirBnb enthusiast, and rent out our apartment and home on that site as well.

If you are interested in visiting us in Toronto:

Adorable Beach Hideaway

Toronto, ON, Canada

-This apartment has approximately 700 square feet with laminate wood floors and suits up to 4 people. (1 Queen Bed, 1 Full Bed)


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