I don’t know what happens

What happens to me on evenings and weekends? I am a creative person who is interested in lots of different projects and ventures. In theory, anyway.

I crochet, I do some DIY, I love to redecorate. But I also get distracted easily, leaving many half-finished projects around my house. Even worse is when I don’t even start anything because the thought of starting is enough to make me crawl onto the couch and watch reruns of The Office.

For example: I know our yard needs to be cleaned up, since the snow is actually(!) starting to melt. I would like to plant a vegetable garden, start a compost corner, and maybe create a more welcoming oasis of a yard behind our house. But I haven’t done any of that. To get started on that garden, I would first have to replace all of the dirt in the currently appointed garden areas. Why? Because they have dog poop in them. Lots of it. Why? Because I have 2 dogs and it’s winter. Plus, the big dog likes to poop in the garden year round, I kid you not.

So, let’s say I manage to replace and replenish fertile soil suitable for vegetable planting. I then need to come up with a system for keeping the large dog out. I guess that wouldn’t be difficult, I just need some electrified chicken wire.

We have many bicycles in our shed and a few behind it too. None of them are in working order. It has been my dream to have bikes at the ready so that we can actually(!) ride them when the weather is pleasant. Husband has pledged that he will ensure all of the bicycles are in working order, and those that aren’t or can’t be repaired will vanish. I figure we will get rid of about 3 bikes in total, leaving us with around 8. No I am not kidding.

I am not much of a gardener. I probably should have put that in first. I figure, if I learn how to raise a baby and keep my sanity by reading up on it, I can figure out how to garden.

Is there a Gardening for Dummies? Yup.

Is there a Composting for Dummies? Yup.

Now I just need to do it. When the weather finally cooperates, consider this a Go.